Things every woman should write down

So here we are again.

A fork in the road when we determine whether our relationship will go on as many before; to start of spontaneously with an exciting flurry of activity, only to die down by virtue of complacency and fail spectacularly into disrepair along the road. 

I’m not entirely convinced blogging suits my erratic, writer’s block-ridden soul…especially not blogging regularly. I start off with the best intentions, life catches up, then I fall into a guilt/shame/avoidance spiral which makes it hard to look this lonely little blog in the face to remind it that I do really love it, and I’m sorry I haven’t been showing it lately.

Nonetheless, a new year has brought with it a great many new beginnings and a few great endings. So in the spirit of all things fresh out of their plastic wrapping, I hereby declare I am going to give this blog some fresh words to keep it pumping. For a few weeks at least until spiral above re-invents itself.

I think the trick is in the title. If I had six minutes left to live…what would I write about? So get comfy dear blog and haunting blogreaders, I have a been inspired by this wonderful being who chanced upon an article on on ’15 Things Every Woman Should Write Down’. According to my blogger friend

The article encourages women to write down a list of fifteen things that are meant to make us think and feel in the moment and be there for us to go back and read. To help us feel better or enlightened.

Along with her, I’ll be doing a fifteen day exercise writing down things every woman should write down. Here is the list:

  1. The watched/read it list
  2. Grandma’s words of wisdom
  3. Your true happiness
  4. The mistake you never want to make
  5. Your best friend’s recipe
  6. Your favourite failure
  7. The most unexpected compliment you ever got
  8. A personal syllabus
  9. A deep dark secret
  10. What Younger You would like about Present You
  11. That one quote
  12. The hardest thing to forgive
  13. The best surprise you’ve ever had
  14. An amendment to the bucket list
  15. Last night’s dream

Feel free to join in the fun, after all, as it was once so aptly said:

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway

May the sight of new words, an email alert promising an hour of relaxing reading and the optimistic creativity of a new beginning always be with you,

If I had six minutes to live…I’d write a little faster



I'd write a little faster


I'd write a little faster


I'd write a little faster

If I had six minutes to live...

I'd write a little faster


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